SSL Certificate Checker

Verify an SSL Certificate is Installed Properly

Conduct a SSL Status Test Instantly

Use our online SSL Certificate Checker to quickly find out if your site or sites has a properly installed SSL Certificate. And if not, it's time to install a SSL certificate to stop hackers from compromising your data and to protect your customers' information.

Understanding the SSL Certificate Test


This site's transmission data is encrypted and secured by a SSL certificate.

Not Valid

This site is flagged as Not Secure.

Possible Causes
  • No certificate found.
  • Certificate not valid.
  • 301 or 302 redirect (permanently or temporary moved to a new location)
  • Bad URL or unable to resolve.
  • Install a SSL certificate.
  • Make sure your SSL certificate is installed properly.
  • Check if you have entered a valid domain name.

Expiering Soon

This site's SSL certificate is going to expire.

Possible Causes
  • The existing SSL certificate is getting expiered.
  • Renew the existing SSL certificate as soon as possible to avoid interrupts.